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Cards - Why Bother?

‘Cards are used to communicate. Small cards usually give address & contact details only; could they SAY more?

‘A Picture Paints A Thousand Words’ . . . especially when it's in colour! If you add a picture to a card you make it memorable. In fact a picture turns an ordinary business card into a memorable 'keep-sake'.

However, don’t think too hard about the choice of image, since its only a ‘memory hook’; you can always show lots more images on a website and/or a leaflet.

Marketing Cards use both sides and can convey much more. From summarising your education business to conveying useful information such as Term Dates, to name the main two.

"So what is the 'key information', which you would like all parents to know and better still pass on to their friends?"

Once you have decided, the challenge is to ‘get to the point’ in a few words that fit on a card. This information needs then to be printed in a legible font size, readable without glasses.

We're often asked: "What details should we put on our cards?"

To which we reply:

A. first, write something down. Hone it. Cut down the words to a minimum. Imagine it were a small advert appearing in a magazine or paper. Think of a Marketing Card as a mini leaflet. It's a complete communication. Then,

B. Read it out to someone else. Seek comment/approval from others to see that it is easily understandable.

Visualise a parent passing on your school card to one of their friends. The words should be 'yours' and not what they happen to remember!

Will parents keep these cards? Feedback suggests there is a very good chance!

Credit-card size means they fit into a purse or wallet, making them easy to be kept!

If there’s a particular layout style you like (see Design Styles) let us know which one and we shall try to adapt your details to suit. In the event that your details will not ‘fit’ or the image is in the incorrect proportions, then we shall propose an alternative design, which we believe will work.

In summary, decide on the Image and write out the Text then send it to us along with your payment.

Remember that we're designing Marketing Cards every day, so don't struggle - that's why you're paying us!

If you have any queries whatsoever, please speak to us on the phone 01943 603600 or email:

Our cards have been found extremely useful as direct marketing cards for all kinds of schools: preparatory schools, grammar schools, day schools, boarding schools, catholic colleges, independent schools, senior schools, accredited home schools, christian home schools, catholic girls school, girls schools, boys schools, first high schools for girls , top prep schools

and in promoting the values and ethos of, amongst others: all girls high school education, christian home school curriculum.

Fundraising ideas for school parent teacher associations (pta): Marketing cards have been instrumental in making fundraising school contacts.

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We assist with postcard marketing ideas: advertising with business postcards, direct marketing postcards, four colour (color) postcard printing, custom colour (color) postcards, personalized (personalised) photo (photograph) postcards using our postcard designers and printers.

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