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Who Pays?

The purchase of Marketing Cards for a school is funded in many different ways, including:

  1. sponsorship by a local business
  2. the school marketing communications budget
  3. a specific school departmental budget
  4. the parents association
  5. school trustees - governors donation
  6. alumni/former pupils marketing budget

When considering sponsorship by a local business, put yourself in the place of the business owners and ask this question:
"If I were running my own business and I was approached for sponsorship, how might I like the money to be used and could my business gain in any small way?"

Clearly Term Cards are distributed to every parent and household, so to include a sponsor’s logo would help them to get their name known.

One school sponsorship opportunity we heard about was as follows:
"An insurance firm agreed to sponsor the purchase of 100 lavish calendars costing in excess of £1000 featuring works of art from selected pupils. These were given to a few lucky parents and gave the firm some exposure.

Had they known about Term Cards, given to every parent and costing less than half the amount, which opportunity might they have selected? (Of course their own child's ‘work of art’ may not have been the chosen one for the Term Card picture for the year!)

Finding a sponsor for the purchase of annual Term Cards is not a problem for a school with local business connections. If you would like Marketing Cards to broker a deal on your behalf please get in touch along with a short list of three local businesses and the name of their main decision maker.

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