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Text FAQs (& Answers)

This section covers the answers to a few of the frequently asked questions
concerning the "TEXT" content of a Marketing Card.
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  1. What font will you use on my card?
    If you do not specify a font type to be used, we will select one which we feel appropriate to the content of your card and type of business. You may want us to use the font you usually use when word processing?
  2. Can I select the font(s) to be used on my card?
    Yes. In fact, often a business will have letterhead, compliments slips, existing business card or leaflet and want us to use the same font and 'house-style' for their Marketing Card too. Ideally, we would like the customer to identify the font(s) already in use and let us know its name, eg. arial, times etc. If you do not know the name of the font then send us a sample of your leaflet as a guideline. If we cannot identify the exact font then we will propose a similar alternative.
  3. How many words will fit on my Marketing Card?
    A lot more than you think! However, the size will reduce to an uncomfortably small size if you try to put too much onto a credit-card sized card. If you are really unable to condense what you want to say, then for the people with poor eye-sight, you would be well advised to move to the next sized card (see Post Cards - Longcards).
    As a rough guide we always suggest that you plan your content very carefully and consider a few points:
    A. what if the card is pinned to a notice board - will the vital information be displayed?
    B. no more than 100-ish words can be printed (easily readable) on one side of a Marketing Card.
    C. Should some information appear 'bold' to highlight it as a 'quick read'?
  4. Who is responsible for spelling errors?
    Marketing Cards endeavour to spot errors in spelling, grammar etc. However, occasionally mistakes happen and an error can go unnoticed throughout the process. We ask you to scrutinize the details of your card to avoid errors of any kind. This is why we provide a visual proof for approval prior to print; therefore, we ask you to give us your consent prior to the job going to final print.
    The customer is responsible for spelling errors unnoticed on a proof provided for checking - please help us to get it right on your behalf.
  5. Can I amend the details on my proof, if I change my mind once I have seen the proof?
    Yes certainly, however please note that if the amendments are significant, Marketing Cards reserve the right to make a charge for re-doing your proof. This will incur an additional charge of £40+VAT or more if more changes are made subsequently to that. Therefore, it is imperative that you think clearly about the content of your card and better still type it out, read it to a partner or colleague to see how it sounds to a third person and thereby clarify the details in your own mind prior to submitting it and then incurring additional cost by amendments requested down the line. Minor changes can be accommodated at no additional charge.
  6. I'm not sure what to put on my card, can you help?
    Yes. We are just at the end of a phone (01943 603600) or Email ( and will be happy to talk you through any concerns you may have; please ask for help if you need it. If we have a person in the locality we may even be able to visit you-again please ask. See the Check List in Content
  7. I'd like a simple directions map on my card, can you produce one for me?
    Yes. Ideally, you can supply us with a hand-sketched stick-map for us to replicate. Otherwise, using your postcode we can originate one. In both cases there will be an additional charge of £20+VAT.
  8. I belong to an Association, can I add their logo to my card?
    Yes, so long as they give you consent to do so. Please call them to check and at the same time ask them to forward a copy of their logo for printing re-production. If there is any doubt what is required ask them to call us on 01943 603600. Note: some will make a small charge for this service. For us to include this logo on your card there will be an additional charge of £20+VAT.
  9. What if I do not like the proof that you have created for me, will you produce another one?
    Yes. However, we reserve the right to make an additional charge of £40+VAT to cover our designer's time. Naturally, we shall try to ascertain a tighter description of your requirements so as to avoid further time wastage. If we have mis-understood your instructions and have not acted on your original request then we shall not make this additional charge.
  10. Can I provide you with a finished design?
    Yes, if you have the correct software to create this - see Design.
    If Marketing Cards cannot read your electronic files they may require the elements supplying separately along with the fonts so that we may assemble your card using our software and working to your visual as a guide.

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