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Cartoon Tip - Encourage recipients to put them on a noticeboard, for easy reference and all to see.   1. Quality card to be used by ALL! Cartoon Tip - Ensure everybody is important enough to carry the company business card!
  2. To send or give to every enquirer.
  3. To attach to notice boards everywhere.
  4. To send to past & present parents & pupils.
Cartoon Tip - Put them on display - so people can take them without having to ask.   5. To use with a marketing promotion. Cartoon Tip - Use them pro-actively with every piece of correspondence (letters, invoices etc.)
  6. To put in holders on display as advertising.
  7. To give out at an event, face to face.
  8. To raise additional school funds.
Cartoon Tip - Ask friends and acquaintances if you may give them a few cards so they may pass them on.   9. To be used by all staff members. Cartoon Tip - Finally, never leave home without some. You never know when an opportunity may arise!
  10. For additional 'low-cost' advertising.
  11. To attach & send with correspondence.
  12. To get them talking 'outside of school'!

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