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Image FAQs (& Answers)

This section covers the answers to a few of the frequently asked questions
concerning the Images on a Marketing Card.
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  1. Can I Email my image(s) to you?
    Yes. However, remember that very large images take a long time to transmit by Email. Marketing Cards are on broadband, however we would not recommend images larger than 2Mb being sent by Email. Images not larger than 1Mb in a jpg format are acceptable for a Marketing Card. Larger ones may be required for Postcards. If you have larger images then please send them on a CD.
  2. If I send my image(s) on CD can I have them back?
    Yes. We would normally return the CD along with your Marketing Cards, if requested to do so. If, however you require them sooner, then please enclose a strong stamped and self addressed envelope.
  3. Can you use the image from my website?
    Yes. However please note that Marketing Cards expect you to capture the image and send it to us. We advise that you think carefully about the image size and resolution, and whether it's of sufficient quality to re-produce from. If, you are unsure, we can take a look if you send it by Email and give you our opinion. Normally, website images have been optimised and reduced to a very small size for quick transmission. This usually means that they are unlikely to be large enough to create a top quality Marketing Card from.
  4. What size image should I send you?
    We suggest that a jpg image no smaller than about 200Kb would usually be OK. However, if the image is not to appear very large on the card, then we can manage with smaller ones.
  5. What type of image should I send?
    If sending by Email, we suggest that you send jpg image files (nb. common with digital cameras). By post, on a CD we can also accept tif or eps files. Other file types which we may be able to use include pdf, bmp or gif.
  6. Can I send my image as part of a 'MS word' file?
    Yes, however we will ask you to supply the original jpg file that was used to insert it into the 'word' file (x.doc file type) as well.
  7. Can you accept a slide?
    Yes. Please mark the slide case with the correct side to view the image from.
  8. Can I send you a negative?
    No. We regret that we do not accept negatives. If you only have a negative, please get it processed and send the photograph produced from the negative.
  9. Can you arrange for a photographer to help us with an image?
    Yes. We have excellent connections with a number of photographers, with whom we can connect you or make arrangements on your behalf. There will be a cost associated; typically ranging from £80+VAT upwards.
  10. Can you source an image for our card?
    Yes. We have excellent connections with a number of image libraries.
    There will be a cost associated; typically ranging from £80+VAT upwards.

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