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Design FAQs (& Answers)

This section covers the answers to a few of the frequently asked questions
concerning the design of a Marketing Card.
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  1. What's the exact size of a Marketing Card?
  2. How much bleed should I add onto my design?
    If you are designing you own card and have an image which runs to the very edge of your card, then please add an extra 2mm bleed.
  3. What canvass size should I use to layout my card including bleed?
    With bleed all around all four edges then the overall canvass size would be 86(+4mm)x53(+4mm)=90x57mm
  4. What software design program do you use?
    We use Quark Xpress software on Mac's. We can accept Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files.
  5. Can you accept Adobe pdf's?
    Yes. Set up to our exact sizing specification and cutting requirement.
  6. What resolution images do you require?
  7. What format do you want the images in?
    We print using CMYK files and can convert from RGB formats.
  8. Can I have a crease or perforation on one of your cards?
    Yes. See full product range. If the crease or perforation is an addition to one of our standard products then there will be an additional £40+VAT charge.
  9. Can you cut-out the background of one the images I'll be sending?
    Yes, at an additional cost of £20+VAT.
  10. How close to the edges can I squeeze my text?
    We strongly recommend that ALL text is held back at least 4mm from all edges of the cards. This implies working inside a text box of no larger than 86(-8mm)x53-(8mm)= 78x45mm
  11. How do you want to receive my finished artwork?
    Digitally along with a print out to show what we are working towards. This can be sent through the post on disk; the digital file can be Emailed.
  12. Can I ask my designer to liaise with you?
    Yes. We can explain directly how we would like to receive your instructions.
    Please ask them to call us on 01943 603600 or alternatively send us an Email.
  13. Can I have a landscape design on one side with a portrait design on the other?
  14. Will you manipulate the image for me?
    Not normally, as the prices are all based on using the image provided without any modification.
    However, depending on your requirements we can give you a quotation.

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