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Content FAQs (& Answers)

This section covers the answers to a few of the frequently asked questions
concerning the Content of a Marketing Card.
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3. What sort of content could I put on my card?
The Checklist below gives some possible suggestions (1 - 20):
Content Use
1. Selection of Image to be used Memory jogger for recipient
2. Logo or crest required? Association with main organisation
3. Industry Association Logo(s) required Member of a larger group?
4. Calendar. Useful reminder & keep-sake for recipient**
5. Sales Bullet Points Typically the content of an advertisement
6. Mission Statement Mission Statement card
7. Opening Times To act as a reminder card
8. Map - Directions - Location Card Map-directions-location card
9. Pocket of Space left to write message on If possible for recipient to make themselves a note
10. Space for a Signature Signature give away 'keep-sake' card
11. Souvenir - Collector 'keep-sake' card Happy memory card
12. Reward Incentive Card Collecting ink-stamp to retrieve an incentive
13. Event or Fixture List Information Events list reminder card
14. Appointment Reminder card
15. Invitation. Invitation card
16. Receipt-Quote-Estimate Information. Receipt-Quote-Estimate card
17. With Compliments With Compliments card
18. Tips, Advice or Goals List Reminder - Purpose card
19. Thank You Message Memo notelet card
20. Referral Recommendation Information Tell-a-Friend pass-it-on card
21. Prayer Card Reference card
22. Website Prominent Card Website promotion card
23. Loyalty Card Discount - Preferential Terms card
24. Appointment Card Reminder card
25. Membership Card Given to all members-useful contact information
26. Technical Information Card Important or useful information card
27. Product Specification Product Specification card
28. Goals Card Reminder of purpose card
29. Team Card Team card
30. Testimonials Card Testimonial endorsements card
31. Location-Accommodation-Amenities Destination description
32. Sales Identity Business Card Vanity & Egos removed - very useful to recipient!
33. Curriculum Vitae or Career Résumé Case Study - CV summary
34. 'Send-up' Card. Joke or 'wind-up' card
35. Your Imagination Something appropriate, which
you'd like to communicate!
** Primary application of Marketing Cards

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